Peer-Reviewed Articles

Human Skin, Oral, and Gut Microbes Predict Chronological Age.

     Author(s): Huang, S., Haiminen, N., Carrieri, A., Hu, R., Jiang, L., Parida, L., Russell, B., Allaband, C., Zarrinpar, A., Vázquez-Baeza, Y., Belda-Ferre, P., Zhou, H., Kim, H., Swafford, A. D., Knight, R., Xu, Z. Z.
     Source: mSystmes Vol. 5 
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Microbiome 101: Studying, Analyzing, and Interpreting Gut Microbiome Data for Clinicians.

     Author(s): Allaband, C., McDonald, D., Vázquez-Baeza, Y., Minich, J. J., Tripathi, A., Brenner, D. A., Loomba, R., Smarr, L., Sandborn, W. J., Schnabl, B., Dorrestein, P., Zarrinpar, A., Knight, R.
     Source: Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2019;17:218-230
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Wildlife-microbiome interactions and disease: exploring opportunities for disease mitigation across ecological scales.

     Author(s): Williams, C. L., Caraballo-Rodríguez, A. M., Allaband, C., Zarrinpar, A., Knight, A., Gauglitz, J.
     Source: Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models Vol. 28 2019
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Effect of Obesogenic Medications on Weight-Loss Outcomes in a Behavioral Weight-Management Program.

     Author(s): Desalermos, A., Russell, B., Leggett, C., Parnell, A., Ober, K., Hagerich, K., Gerlan, C., Euyhyun-Lee, J. A., Proudfood, E. G., Gupta, S., Ho, S., Zarrinpar, A.
     Source: Obesity Vol 27.5
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Aspiration therapy for the treatment of obesity: 4-year results of a multicenter randomized controlled trail.

     Author(s): Thompson, C. C., Abu Dayyeh, B. K., Kushnir, V., Kushner, R. F., Jirapinyo, P., Schorr, A. B., Aronne, L. J., Amaro, A., Jaffe, D. L., Schulman, A. R., Early, D., Stein, A. C., Sharaiha, R., Edmundowicz, S. A., Bohning, J. M., Jensen, M. D., Shukla, A. P., Apovian, C., Kim, D. W., Tran, D., Zarrinpar, A., Ryan, M. B., Young, M., Lowe, A., Hass, M., Goldsmith, H., McCrea, J., Sullivan, S.
     Source: Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases 15 (2019) 
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The effect of provider-prescribed obesogenic drugs on post-laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy outcomes: a retrospective cohort study.

     Author(s): Leggett, C. B.,* Desalermos, A.*, Brown, S. D., Lee, E., Proudfoot, J. A., Horgan, A., Gupta, S., Grunvald, E., Ho, S. B., Zarrinpar, A.

*These authors contributed equally 
     Source: International Journal of Obesity 10.1038
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Antibiotic-induced Microbiome Depletion Alters Metabolic Homeostasis by Affecting Gut Signaling and Colonic Metabolism.

     Author(s): Zarrinpar, A., Chaix, A., Chang, M. W., Marotz, C. A., Saghatelian, A., Knight, R., Panda, S.
     Source: Nature Communications 9(1): 2872
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Obesity and Response to Anti-tumor Necrosis Factor-a Agents in Patients with Select Immune-mediated Inflammatory Diseases: A Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis.

     Author(s): Singh, S., Facciorusso, A., Singh, A. G., Casteele, N. V., Zarrinpar, A., Prokop, L. J., Grunvald, E. L., Curtis, J. R., Sandborn, W. J.
     Source: PLoS One 13(5): e0195123
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High Body Mass Index is Associated with Increased Risk of Treatment Failure and Surgery in Biologic-treated patients with Ulcerative Colitis.

     Author(s): Kurnool, S., Nguyen, N. H., Proudfoot, J., Dulai, P. S., Boland, B. S., Vande Casteele, N., Evans, E., Grunvald, E. L., Zarrinpar, A., Sandborn, W. J., Singh, S.
     Source: Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics: 47(11): 1472-1479
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High body mass index is associated with increased risk of treatment failure and surgery in biologic-treated patients with ulcerative colitis. 

Author(s): Kurnool, S., Nguyen, N.H., Proudfoot, J., Dulai, P.S., Boland, B.S., Vande Casteele, N., Evans, E., Grunvald, E.L., Zarrinpar, A., Sandborn, W.J., Singh, S.

Source: Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics [Epub ahead of print].

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Percutaneous Gastrostomy Device for the Treatment of Class II and Class III Obesity: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial.

Author(s): Thompson, C.C., Abu Dayyeh, B.K., Kushner, R., Sullivan, S., Schorr, A.B., Amaro, A., Apovian, C.M., Fullum, T., Zarrinpar, A., Jensen, M,D., Stein, A.C., Edmundowicz, S., Kahaleh, M., Ryou, M., Bohning, J.M., Ginsberg, G., Huang, C., Tran, D.D., Glaser, J.P., Martin, J.A., Jaffe, D.L., Farraye, F.A., Ho, S.B., Kumar, N., Harakal, D., Young, M., Thomas, C.E., Shukla, A.P., Ryan, M.B., Haas, M., Goldsmith, H., McCrea, J., Aronne, L.J.

Source: American Journal of Gastroenterolgy 112(3):447-457

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Obesity in IBD: epidemiology, pathogenesis, disease course and treatment outcomes.

Author(s): Singh, S., Dulai, P.S., Zarrinpar, A., Ramamoorthy, S., Sandborn, W.J.

Source: Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology 14:110-121

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The circadian coordination of cell biology.

Author(s): Chaix, A., Zarrinpar, A., Panda, S.

Source: Journal of Cell Biology 215:15-25

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Treating Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome with Fecal Microbiota Transplantation.

Author(s): Marotz, C.A., Zarrinpar, A.

Source: Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 89: 383-8

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Daily Eating Patterns and Their Impact on Health and Disease. 

Author(s): Zarrinpar, A., Chaix, A., and Panda, S.

Source: Trends in endocrinology and metabolism: TEM 27:69-83

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Targeting Dysbiosis for the Treatment of Liver Disease. 

Author(s): Anand, G., Zarrinpar, A., and Loomba, R.

Source: Seminars in Liver Disease 36: 37-47

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Serum microRNAs explain discordance of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in monozygotic and dizygotic twins: a prospective study.

Author(s): Zarrinpar, A., Gupta, S., Maurya, M.R., Subramaniam, S., and Loomba, R.

Source: Gut 65: 1546-1554

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Functional Local Input to Layer 5 Pyramidal Neurons in the Rat Visual Cortex.

Author(s): Zarrinpar, A., and Callaway, E.M.

Source: Cerebral Cortex 26: 991-1003 

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Differences in Weight Loss Between Persons on Standard Balanced vs Nutrigenetic Diets in a Randomized Controlled Trial.

Author(s): Frankwich, K.A., Egnatios, J., Kenyon, M.L., Rutledge, T.R., Liao, P.S., Gupta, S., Herbst, K.L., and Zarrinpar, A.

Source: Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology: the official clinical practice journal of the American Gastroenterological Association 13: 1625-1632 e1621.

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The effects of time-restricted feeding on lipid metabolism and adiposity.

Author(s): Chaix, A., and Zarrinpar, A.

Source: Adipocyte 4: 319-324

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Video Capsule Endoscopy in Patients with Chronic Abdominal Pain with or without Associated Symptoms: A Retrospective Study.

Author(s): Egnatios, J., Kaushal, K., Kalmaz, D., and Zarrinpar, A.

Source: PLoS One 10:e1026509

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Diet and feeding pattern affect the diurnal dynamics of the gut microbiome.

Author(s): Zarrinpar, A., Chaix, A., Yooseph, S., and Panda, S.

Source: Cell metabolism 20: 1006-1017

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Time-restricted feeding is a preventative and therapeutic intervention against diverse nutritional challenges.

Author(s): Chaix, A., Zarrinpar, A., Miu, P., and Panda, S.

Source: Cell metabolism 20: 991-1005

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2013 and earlier

A rare cause of an ileocecal fistula in an AIDS patient. Gastrointestinal infection by Histoplasma capsulatum infection identified with internal transcribed spacer primer sets.

Author(s): Zarrinpar, A., Lin, G.Y., and Lonergan, J.T.

Source: Gastroenterology (2103) 144: 697, 857-698

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Review article: the emerging interplay among the gastrointestinal tract, bile acids and incretins in the pathogenesis of diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Author(s): Zarrinpar, A., and Loomba, R.

Source: Alimentary pharmacology & theraputics (2102) 36: 909-921

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Time-restricted feeding without reducing caloric intake prevents metabolic diseases in mice fed a high-fat diet.

Author(s): Hatori, M., Vollmers, C., Zarrinpar, A., DiTacchio, L., Bushong, E.A., Gill, S., Leblanc, M., Chaix, A., Joens, M., Fitzpatrick, J.A., et al.

Source: Cell metabolism (2012) 15: 848-860

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Local connections to specific types of layer 6 neurons in the rat visual cortex.

Author(s): Zarrinpar, A., and Callaway, E.M.

Source: Journal of neurophysiology (2006) 95: 1751-1761

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Effects of depression on sensory/motor vs. central processing in visual mental imagery.

Author(s): Zarrinpar, A., Deldin, P., and Kosslyn, S.M.

Source: TrCognition & Emotion (2006) 20: 737-758

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Do separate processes identify objects as exemplars versus members of basic-level categories? Evidence from hemispheric specialization.

Author(s): Laeng, B., Zarrinpar, A., and Kosslyn, S.M.

Source: Brain and Cognition  (2003) 53: 15-27

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Book Chapters

Gut microbiota and their influence on response to food.

Author(s): Marotz, C.A., Brown, S.D, Zarrinpar, A.

Source: Principles of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics. De Caterina, R., Martinez, J.A., Kohlmeier, M. (Eds.)

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Author(s): Zarrinpar, A.

Source: JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association (2003a) 290, 2872

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Roles for medical students in the political process.

Author(s): Zarrinpar, A.

Source: JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association (2003b) 290, 1774

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Psychiatry and stigmatization.

Author(s): Zarrinpar, A.

Source: JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association (2002) 287, 1856

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